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SWFL Solar Panel Cleaning

The Window Pros of SWFL has been serving Naples and its surrounds communities for over 25 years to provide the best window cleaning and pressure washing services. We connect with our clients and community and continually improve offer services our clients are searching for. We now offer solar panel cleaning to reach a demand that our clients have been asking for. We stand by green energy, and know the importance of keeping your solar panels clean! Our technique uses the highest quality brushes and soaps to gently wash your panels, and leave them clean to capture more sun and energy for your home. We also specialize in commercial solar panel cleaning. Our professional solar panel cleaning staff begins by checking with you at the start of service. Each service includes power wash rinse to clear away loose dirt, hand cleaning with a soft scrubber and soapy water to gently wash the surface of each panel, clean water rinse and full water recovery – so your panels shine in the sun.

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